Welcome to Asia Street !

ASIA STREET is dedicated to all fans, amateurs or professionals Street Dance in Vietnam and SouthEast Asia.

This site is both a portal and community network for the exchange of information around the Street Dance (Bboyin’, Poppin’, Lockin’, Hip Hop, House) and Hip Hop culture.

Our mission is to make information on dance in Asia available and accessible to all, because the passion for dance that is shared !

Janmary & Valérie NEEF are the founders and art directors of ASIA STREET based in Ho Chi Minh City since 2010.

Their career of choreographers and professional dancers to multiple experiences led them to evolve in various universes: video clips, art events, workshops, dance competitions & battles in France and abroad.

It is in 1995 they create a center specializing in hip hop dance, jazz and tap in the south of France: the TAP DANCE Studio. During 17 years, they pass on the original values of hip hop culture and streetdance through workshops and meetings with dancers and teachers of international fame such as Pop N Taco, Shabba-Doo, Suga Pop, Brian Green, Bruce Ykanji, Dominique Lesdema…

Demonstrating great professionalism, they still have many projects to share with fans of this art in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam …

Their meeting in 2009 with HOANG CAO Son from Destiny Family Crew and their collaboration with Stéphane MATTIAZZO and Jean-Jacques WAHRHEIT is decisive : Promote STREET DANCE in Asia remains their priority for years to come.